From our Farmer Blog: A Day at the Egg Farm

According to Agriculture more than ever, 98 % of Canadian farms are family owned and operated. Ours is no exception!

We are a husband and wife duo, and together with our parents, two brothers and their wives, we operate a mixed farm consisting of Cropland, Beef Cattle and 60 000 laying hens for egg production. While the cropland and Cattle have their busy seasons, the chickens make up the largest part of the daily workload on the farm and require extra attention to ensure everything runs smoothly.
A typical day sees us doing a morning walk through of the barns to ensure all of our chickens are in good health, have ample feed and water and good air quality. As barns are being checked, the morning egg collection takes place. Our farm has two separate barns, and eggs are collected separately from each barn twice daily. Once in the morning and again in the afternoon.
After the morning walk-through of the barns is finished, daily feed consumption, water consumption, Barn hi/low temperatures, and cooler room temperature/humidity numbers are logged for our records. These numbers are very valuable to us, as they allow us to keep a close eye on what is going on and alert us if anything is out of the ordinary. After the morning chores, we spend time preparing the next day’s feed in our on farm feed mill, and complete any maintenance required in the barns or around the farm.
Every 4-5 days, we remove the manure from the barns, and haul it away to be spread on our fields where it is a valuable fertilizer. Removing the manure from the barns frequently ensures better air quality and helps eliminate fly activity. Later in the afternoon, eggs are once again collected and packed away in the cooler room. Egg production numbers are logged at the end of each day and a second walkthrough of the each barn takes place to ensure feed, water and air quality is still good.
Each day encompasses a similar routine, however nothing is for certain, and unexpected problems can occur. This mix of predictability and new challenges is what makes our lives so enjoyable. It’s what we get up for each morning, and it is a privilege to provide Saskatchewan families with fresh, high quality, locally produced eggs each and every day!