Eggs and Babies

Did you that it is OK (actually, better then OK, to feed your baby eggs starting at 6 months? In fact, when in comes to eggs and babies,  it is really a match made in heaven!

New research, included for example in the newest infant feeding guidelines from Health Canada, recommends introducing eggs at six months. Not only they are great for your baby, but introducing potential allergens earlier may help prevent an allergy.

Eggs boast, among other benefits, the following baby-perfect characteristics:

1. They have a protein quality that is second only to breast milk!
2. They are rich in folate, which is fundamental to prevent physical birth defects – so if you are expecting, make sure you do not miss your breakfast egg!
3. They pack a lot of choline – which I fundamental to fetal brain development!
4. They are rich in vitamins A, D, E, and B12
5. They are a super food when it comes to iron! Babies natural iron resources start depleting at around 6 months, so it is important to provide them with iron-rich food!

And some variety bring extra benefits to your little one:

Vitamin D enriched eggs! These beauties are made right here in Sask by feeding the hens a vitamin-D rich diet. That way we can stock up on our daily dose of D even during the cold winter months!
Omega 3 enriched: the hens enjoy an extra dose of delicious flaxseed, rich in Omega 3, and we get this precious nutrient, which is great for heart health!

Want to learn more? Make sure you read all the info on eggs and your baby to include this power food in your little ones’ diet.