Eggs are Food for Thought!

Elementary student studying in classroom. There are people in the background.

Eggs are food for thought, especially when it comes to young minds!

Did you know that studies shows that children who eat a high-protein breakfast perform better in school? Not only a full tummy makes it easier to concentrate, it improves attention span and memory!

Eating breakfast also helps manage moods and energy levels, and kids who start the day with a full tummy snack less and tend to have better eating habits.

Of course, choosing the right breakfast food is important. Many breakfast foods, especially cereal and breakfast bars, are high in sugar, so think outside the cereal box.

Eggs are high in all-important protein, which keeps kids full for longer, and are packed with nutrients good for their growing minds, such as folate. And you never have to wonder about weird ingredients: eggs contain only . . . eggs!

Of course, you may think eggs require a frying pan, butter or oil, whisk and apron . . . all things that are difficult to manage on those busy school morning. But did you know you can:

Freeze a week’s worth of mini-frittatas that make a great breakfast, even on the go?

Make hard boiled eggs that will keep for a whole week, as a great snack or breakfast?

Make eggs in the microwave in only a few seconds?