For decades, eggs were banished from the diet of people with high cholesterol levels. Our mums used to tell us not to eat too many eggs – an adage that still enjoys remarkable good health. That eggs increased cholesterol levels was no random fable, perpetrated in folklore and old wives’ tales. At the time, it was science.

However, science is in continuous evolution, and new breakthroughs oftentimes points out the fallacy of what for years enjoyed scientific consensus.

The research that tied dietary cholesterol to blood cholesterol levels is nowadays been debunked as a based on a false premise.  New research points out unequivocally that dietary cholesterol (the one in eggs) and blood cholesterol (the one in people) are not connected; the former does not increase the latter. Ergo, if you have banished brunch, ceased crepes, and omitted omelettes – it is time to bring eggs back on the menu! Eggs are delicious, nutritious, and good for your heart.

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