Food Safety

Start Clean – Stay Clean TM

How do consumers know that the eggs they purchase in the store are safe? It goes without saying that as egg farmers we do everything to ensure that our eggs are delicious and nutritious, and, most importantly, safe. This is why we follow Start Clean  – Stay Clean TM

What is Start Clean Stay Clean? A national program to ensure on-farm food safety created to provide Canadians with safe and nutritious eggs.

How does it work? Canadian Egg Farmers receive updates, training, and material to comply with a set of tight regulations and directives.
EFC inspectors assists each farmer to make sure that the regulations are understood and implemented. Assistance is always available, and our farmers know we are here to help.
Regular controls ensure that farmers comply with the regulations. Each farmer has to keep detailed logs and records to demonstrate that the farm operates in accordance with Start Clean – Stay CleanTM regulations.

What happens if someone violates the regulations? Farmers are provided assistance and tools to take action and correct the issue. Should the problem persists, a farmer may lose his/her licence.

What kind of regulations does it include?
Start Clean – Stay CleanTM provides directives on:
Hygiene regulations
Pest control
Packing and sorting eggs
Premises Sanitation
These elements comprise a large corpus of rules that ensure on farm food safety.