Meet our Farmers

Art and Elaine Pruim

Art and Elaine Pruim got into egg farming five years ago, and they run a state-of-art egg farm that combines family farming and high-tech systems to produce free-run eggs: Plum Blossom Farms, near Osler, SK.
They have opted for an aviary system, which allows the birds to roam the barn and make use of perches, private laying boxes, and forage on the floor. To help them manage this extensive and labour-intensive operation they can count on one employee and, on the weekends, any one of their five children: John, Brad, James, Nicole, and Travis. And of course, on some sophisticated IT solutions that ensure the best welfare for the hens – and the best eggs for the consumer.
Art and Elaine are very involved in their community. Elaine has even been recognized as Osler’s Citizen of the Year, and she supports important AG initiatives such as Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmer.
To learn more about Art and Elaine watch the video below:

Shawn Harman

Shawn Harman grew up on the family farm in Saskatchewan. He is now the third generation of Harmans to produce fresh Canadian eggs.Shawn Harman Saskatchewan Egg Farmer
Egg farming is a family affair for the Harmans. Shawn’s dad Bert and his sister Dana Haynes are both involved in the family business, which includes the production of various specialty eggs.
Omega-3 eggs provide an additional source of omega-3 fatty acids. To produce these eggs, some hens are fed a diet that includes flaxseed, as flaxseed contains omega-3 fatty acids. Other hens have vitamin D added to their feed, and they lay eggs with a higher level of this vitamin.
“We’re proud to provide options for Canadians, but no matter which type of egg they choose, they’re getting a high-quality, low-cost food with great nutritional value,” Shawn explains.

Stan Fehr

Ever since Stan’s ancestors arrived in Hague, Saskatchewan in 1870, the Fehrs have been farmers. They started out producing grains and raising cattle, and in the early 1950s they started focusing more on chickens and specializing in egg production.
Stan Fehr Saskatchewan Egg Farmer
In recent years, eggs have become the farm’s focus—and with over 60,000 hens to care for, Stan Fehr takes all the help he can get. Luckily his children and grandchildren are always willing to lend a hand. “It’s a real blessing to see the next generation getting involved with the farm,” Stan says.
Looking back at his family’s 140 years of farming history, Stan has great pride in what Fehr Venture Farm has become. “We’ve never been more productive,” he says, “and the quality of our eggs has never been higher.”