Producer of the Year

Producer of the Year

The Saskatchewan Egg Producers would like to recognise the following Producers for their leadership in the industry:

2015 Fred Entz, McMahon Colony Farming

2014 Ben Wutz, Lakeview Colony

2013 Darius Hofer, Arm River Farming

2012 Andy Gross, Riverbend Farms

2011 Andy Gross, Riverbend Farms

2010 Fritz Mandel, Eatonia Colony  AND Ed Kleinsasser, Smiley Hutterian Brethern

2009 Ed Kleinsasser, Smiley Hutterian Brethern

2008 Fritz Mandel, Eatonia Colony

2007 Fritz Mandel, Eatonia Colony

2006 William Kleinsasser, Bench Colony

2005 Peter Kleinsasser, Springfield Farming