Prioritizing the Care of Our Hens

Saskatchewan’s egg farmers make the care and well-being of their hens a top priority. They follow important protocols related to the care, diet and environment to keep hens healthy and ensure Saskatchewan eggs are produced according to some of the highest quality standards in the world.

Here are two important on-farm programs they follow today.

Animal Care Program

Ensuring their hens are always well cared for. 

Saskatchewan’s egg farmers take part in a comprehensive, national Animal Care Program. As part of this program, trained field inspectors visit each farm to ensure that hens have a comfortable environment, a well-balanced and nutritious diet, fresh water and clean surroundings.

The program is based on the Code of Practice, developed by top veterinarians and experts in animal care as well as representatives from the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Start Clean-Stay Clean™

Ensuring your eggs are always clean and fresh.

Egg farmers follow a comprehensive on-farm food safety program called Start Clean-Stay Clean™. The program includes everything from on-farm inspections, to mandated standards for storage, cleanliness, air quality, feed and record keeping.

Saskatchewan’s egg farmers follow feed regulations set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, part of which states that steroids and hormones are not approved for use in Canada. This means that the eggs you buy at the store do not contain steroids or hormones.