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We care about building stronger, healthier communities and feeding the hungry

For Saskatchewan's egg farmers, natural goodness is about more than the nutritious eggs we produce. It's also about giving back and making a difference:

Doing our part to build a stronger, healthier Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan’s registered egg farmers are committed to doing our part to build a stronger and healthier Saskatchewan.

That’s why we donate hundreds of thousands of eggs each year to the Saskatoon Food BankRegina Food BankFriendship Inn, and children’s nutrition programs, including the Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation’s Cheer Crate Campaign. We’ve also provided hundreds of thousands of eggs to the Prince Albert Grand Council.

It’s why we donated to the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation to establish a nourishment room within the new Maternal Care Centre.

And it’s why we proudly participate in and sponsor important community events, like the Queen City Marathon. And it’s why partner with Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan to build trust in agriculture, and support poultry research and innovation at the University of Saskatchewan.

Helping to feed the hungry in Eswatini, Africa

Saskatchewan’s egg farmers take pride in providing local eggs in our province, but we are also helping to deliver nutrition to children in eSwatini (formerly known as Swaziland), bordering South Africa and Mozambique.

Heart for Africa’s Project Canaan is a sustainable farm and home to over 300 orphaned and abandoned children in eSwatini. Egg Farmers of Canada helped establish an egg farm at Project Canaan to provide a high-quality source of protein and essential nutrients for the children’s home and surrounding communities.

In 2018, SaskEgg purchased a new egg-delivery truck, which is used to deliver eggs and meal packs to thousands of children and families in communities and rural homesteads throughout eSwatini every week.

SaskEgg leadership visited eSwatini and saw firsthand the incredible difference made every day by Project Canaan’s egg farm and especially the egg-delivery truck that Saskatchewan’s egg farmers donated. At the home for orphaned and abandoned children, at rural homesteads and at community feeding centres, eggs are filling children’s bellies, putting smiles on their faces and playing a part in ensuring a brighter future.

The hundreds of families involved in egg farming in Saskatchewan love giving back and doing good, both here at home through regular donations to local food banks and nutrition programs, and halfway around the world through supporting desperately needed nutrition programs in southern Africa. For Saskatchewan’s egg farmers, natural goodness is about more than just the nutritious eggs they deliver – it’s also about caring for one another, making a difference and feeding the hungry.