About SaskEgg

Saskatchewan Egg Producers (SaskEgg) is an independent, farmer-run organization that oversees and promotes Saskatchewan’s egg farming industry. We ensure a consistent supply of fresh, local eggs, produced by family farms committed to the highest standards of animal care and environmental sustainability.

The 74 registered egg farms in Saskatchewan are part of the national supply management (fair farm pricing) system, which ensures a stable market; a consistent supply of fresh, local, affordable eggs; and fair return to farmers, based on what it costs to produce eggs, thereby avoiding the need for government subsidies.

We are funded entirely by egg farmers. Each registered farm pays a levy on each dozen eggs sold and these funds support the activities of SaskEgg and our national partner, Egg Farmers of Canada:

Consistent with our mission to promote a healthy, innovative and expanding egg industry in Saskatchewan, SaskEgg is the proud owner of Evova Foods, which has developed tasty and healthy egg-based snacks. SaskEgg is also proud to own Star Egg Company, in partnership with the Harman family and NutriGroupe.

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SaskEgg's Vision

The wholesome goodness of eggs is increasingly the go-to protein source throughout the day for Saskatchewan families.

“Wholesome goodness” – Saskatchewan egg farmers are committed to:

“Increasingly” – Saskatchewan egg farmers strive for sustainable growth, with more eggs on more tables

“Go-to protein source” – eggs are recognized as a versatile, convenient, easily prepared, and highly nutritious whole food 

“Throughout the day” – eggs are a great choice for any meal or snack

SaskEgg's Mission

Promoting a healthy, innovative and expanding egg industry in Saskatchewan; and 

Ensuring a sustainable supply of safe, nutritious eggs at a fair price, through the stable market enabled by the national supply management system.

Saskatchewan’s registered egg farmers are proud to be part of the Egg Quality Assurance(EQA®) program, an industry-wide initiative that certifies Canadian eggs are produced according to strict food safety and animal welfare standards.