Monday, July 18, 2016

Announcing our new Executive Director

It is our pleasure to announce that Mr. Cam Broten is the new Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Egg Producers. Mr. Broten has served two terms as a Saskatchewan MLA and was recently the leader of the Official Opposition. We welcome Mr. Broten to the team and look forward to advancing the work of our association with him.

Monday, June 27, 2016

A Day on the Egg Farm

According to Agriculture more than ever, 98 % of Canadian farms are family owned and operated. Ours is no exception!
We are a husband and wife duo, and together with our parents, two brothers and their wives, we operate a mixed farm consisting of Cropland, Beef Cattle, and 60,000 laying hens for egg production. While the cropland and Cattle have their busy seasons, the chickens make up the largest part of the daily workload on the farm and require extra attention to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Saskatchewan Egg Producers donate to help Fort McMurray

Due to the fire raging in Fort McMurray, communities and families, forced to leave their homes, are flocking to evacuation centres.
In such circumstances, the work and effort bravely provided by volunteers, firefighters, and organizations such as the Red Cross offers hope, shelter, and emotional support to those displaced by the flames.
We are thankful to the efforts of all those involved in helping the residents of Fort McMurray and the other affected communities. The Saskatchewan Egg Producers will donate $5,000 to the Red Cross in the hope that our contribution, however small compared to the loss, may still bring some support and relief to the affected families.