New Entrants

Production Limit for New Entrant

The Saskatchewan Egg Producers (SaskEgg) will receive offers to purchase an egg production limit up to 4:30 pm, November 23, 2017, at SaskEgg’s office, 496 Hoffer Dr, Regina, S4N 7A1.

Copies of the Sale of Production Limits Notice and instructions governing offers to purchase may be downloaded here or obtained via regular mail or fax by contacting SaskEgg at the address below.

The following egg production limit will be available for purchase: One (1) lot of 127,200 dozens of eggs per year (equivalent to a base production limit of 5,000 hens).

Purchase is only open to new applicants to become a licensed producer. Existing production limit owners or licensed producers within the last five (5) years are not eligible for this lot.

Any inquiry concerning this sale may be directed to:

Cam Broten, Executive Director
496 Hoffer Drive, Regina, S4N 7A1

To learn more about the New Entrant Program, read about the Monchuk’s experience becoming egg farmers.


SaskEgg - 2017 New Entrant Program Application 1